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Ruff Diamond French Bulldogs Guarantee


Ruff Diamond French Bulldogs as said in this agreement is the breeder and seller of said pup.  Said pup is out of Sire: Augie & Dam: Georgia and is of said sex: _____.  Said pup is describes as (name/color/description here)  ______________________________.   Both parents of said pup are full blooded and registered French Bulldogs under the AKC.  Said pup is being sold for the amount of $______________ . 

           If marked…..This pup or dog is being sold as a pet only and comes with a spade or neuter contract and the guarantee and contract is void unless in writing by Ruff Diamond.  Any pup sold with a spay or neuter contract will receive the paperwork on said pup when the contract is fulfilled.  (See Spay/Neuter Contract)

 Any pup sold with full rights will receive AKC paperwork as soon as paperwork is received.

 The purchaser of said pup _______________________________ agrees to abide by all terms and conditions herein.

 1. Ruff Diamond French Bulldogs guarantees all pups for a period of one year from genetic effects and life threatening health issues. Ruff Diamond French Bulldogs guarantees this puppy to be healthy at the time of purchase. This puppy will be current on all vaccinations and worming. We guarantee the puppy for 10 days from the date of purchase against Parvovirus, Distemper, Leptospirosis, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, and Corona Virus. We also guarantee this puppy to be free from genetic defects that are detrimental to the puppy's health for one year from the puppy's date of birth.

 2. Pup is to be examined by a veterinarian within 3 days of delivery or pickup.  If said pup is found to be other than healthy and free from birth defects by the veterinarian the pup is to be returned to Ruff Diamond immediately and the pup will be replaced with another pup of the same sex, age and value as soon as one is available.  Ruff Diamond reserves the right to have said pup examined by our veterinarian before the pup is replaced.  All veterinarian paperwork and information will be released to Ruff Diamond prior to return of pup Ruff Diamond supplies a veterinarian report for you to have filled out by your vet.  That form must be returned to Ruff Diamond.

 3. The buyer resumes all responsibility to carry on with all appropriate vaccinations, exercise and feeding schedule to keep pup in top physical condition.  Buyer also agrees to yearly examinations, heart worm testing and preventative and all other procedures necessary to assure good health.

 4. Purchaser also agrees that if for any reason you cannot care for the puppy or dog from Ruff Diamond the purchaser will contact Ruff Diamond and we will either take the pup or dog back or assist the owner in placing the dog in a proper home.  The buyer also agrees that said pup or dog will not be  taken to a shelter or pound.

  5. Purchaser also agrees to supply Ruff Diamond with regular monthly photos and updates of said pup for the first year and then updates on a regular basis.

 6. Ruff Diamond also reserves the right to have a dog or puppy returned if for any reason we feel the dog is being or has been neglected or abused.  By Abuse or neglect we mean….”the infliction of suffering or harm to the dog” 

 7. Ruff Diamond guarantees all pups and dogs to be genetically sound in temperament at the time of delivery and for 7 days thereafter.  If for any reason you feel a pup or dog is not sound in temperament you must contact Ruff Diamond immediately and you must contact a certified trainer for a full evaluation in writing of the pup or dog.  If the dog is determined by the trainer and Ruff Diamond the pup or dog will be replaced in accordance to our contract.

8. Purchaser also agrees that Ruff Diamond will remain in the dogs name at all times. (example: "Spot of Ruff Diamond" or "Ruff Diamonds Spot")

 9.  Ruff Diamond reserves all rights to void or change our guarantee at any time if the purchaser does not abide by all terms and conditions herein.

 10. This guarantee is for the original purchaser only and cannot be carried to another owner unless agreed to by Ruff Diamond and is placed in writing.

 11.  Ruff Diamond French Bulldogs reserves right of survivorship on said pup.  Ruff Diamond French Bulldogs must be notified if purchaser passes and must have all rights in placing said pup and if Ruff Diamond does not approve any other home said pup is to be returned to Ruff Diamond French Bulldogs.

 12.  If applies Ruff Diamond will also reserve all rights to hold the paperwork on said pup until the contract is fulfilled.

By signing this contract the buyer understands this contract and has read and understands our guarantee and also understands it is binding and is aware of the puppy only guarantee.  No cash refunds for any reason.

Ruff Diamond also has the right to deal with our guarantee and contract on a case by case basis.  All terms and conditions must be met and Ruff Diamond will make all final decisions.

 Purchasers Name: (print only)  ______________________________________

 Purchaser's Signature: ____________________________________________    Date: _________________

 Address: _______________________________________________________

 Phone Number: _________________________________________________

 Email Address: __________________________________________________

 Breeders Signature: ______________________________________________     Date: _________________

 *All rules and regulations stated in this contract abide by all Georgia state laws

*Any recourse action taken to uphold this contract including all court cost, filing fees and attorney fees will be the responsibility of the buyer/purchaser not Ruff Diamond or its owners.

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Print this Guarantee           Print Deposit Contract        Print Spay/Neuter Contract

Ruff Diamond's Guarantee is subject to change with each circumstance.


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